• Surprise Valley Project & Geothermal Community Meeting
    September 13, 2013
    The CGEC and UC Davis Geology Department are conducting research in Surprise Valley to better characterize what geothermal potential may be available in the area. Modoc County has been of interest to the geothermal industry for quite some time, attracting researchers from a number of geothermal companies, government agencies, and universities. On August 17th, 2013, UC ...
  • California Geothermal Heat Pump Efficiency Study
    September 19, 2012
    In an effort to assemble as much relevant data as possible to assist with the integration of geothermal heat pump systems, the CGEC has been working on the following two studies. The first is an evaluation of the efficiency of these systems based on the 16 different climate zones in California, while the other assesses ...
  • Long Valley Caldera Bibliography
    April 1, 2009
    As part of the CGEC’s contract with the California Energy Commission research we sought to make research efforts in the Long Valley Caldera, one of California’s most robust yet undeveloped geothermal resources. By compiling a bibliography of all of geothermal studies that have been done in this caldera over the years, we hope that researchers ...