Long Valley Caldera Bibliography

As part of the CGEC’s contract with the California Energy Commission research we sought to make research efforts in the Long Valley Caldera, one of California’s most robust yet undeveloped geothermal resources. By compiling a bibliography of all of geothermal studies that have been done in this caldera over the years, we hope that researchers may better understand the resource and correlate data.

The bibliography will be published by the California Energy Commission in Fall/Winter 2011. For now you can download the draft below.

Long Valley Caldera Bibliography

UC Davis Geology Dept. Study:

In Fall 2010, fifteen undergraduate UC Davis Geology majors and seven, graduate students participated in a seminar entitled the “Geology of Geothermal Resources”. The seminar was initiated to familiarize these students with geothermal energy resources through investigating geologic, hydrologic, geochemical, and geophysical aspects of the Long Valley, California geothermal system.

The students engaged in quarter-length research projects and spent time in Long Valley area collecting field data. Their projects and research findings can be found by clicking here.

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