Surprise Valley Project & Geothermal Community Meeting

The CGEC and UC Davis Geology Department are conducting research in Surprise Valley to better characterize what geothermal potential may be available in the area. Modoc County has been of interest to the geothermal industry for quite some time, attracting researchers from a number of geothermal companies, government agencies, and universities.

On August 17th, 2013, UC Davis staff, students and faculty presented their current work in the area, and described how it builds on previous work performed by other universities and government agencies over the past decade. The purpose of this meeting was to assure that the community is informed regarding the current knowledge base regarding geothermal resources in the area,and to provide an opportunity for discussing what geothermal energy may mean for the communities in Modoc County.

Geothermal Community Meeting Presentations

Introduction: What is Geothermal Energy?
Elise Brown, California Geothermal Energy Collaborative

What is known about the geothermal resource in Modoc County?
Dr. Jim McClain, UC Davis Geology Department

UC Davis Research Summary: Sam Hawkes
Sam Hawkes, Master Student, UC Davis Geology

UC Davis Research Summary: Andrew Fowler
Andrew Fowler, PhD Candidate, UC Davis Geology

The Future: Challenges and Opportunities
Elise Brown, California Geothermal Energy Collaborative


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